Inducted: 2005
Sex: F
DOB: 1982-05-09
AKC: SD640771
Sire: FC Allair's Evereddy
Dam: Sacagawea Charbonneau
Color: White & Orange
Breeder: Calvin Gillespie
Owner: Dr. Robert Rankin

Tammy has been described as a dog that always looks happy. She seemed to look forward to trips to the field (training or fun) because: “For her every time down is a chance to find birds – something she seems devoted to, the thing she was born to do.” She found birds when other did not and always had the style and class of a True Bird Dog. She was what our Brittany is and should always be.

Tammy had a spectacular field trial career. She had 10 hour open wins topped with 3 major Brittany wins. Tammy won the US Open Championship twice (1986 & 1987) and the National Brittany Invitational Open Championship (1990) once. These stakes all had heats greater than one hour! She was also the winner of the ABC National Brittany Championship (1987). In 1987 sh was the winner of the 1987 IAMS Brittany All-Age Dog of the Year Award!

1990 National Brittany Invitational Open Championship: Tammy and her bracemate, her half brother Franklin County Bandit, epitomized the very nature of the stake. Turned loose on course one, both were off to a wide searching race covering both sides of the course. Both dogs crossed Lick Creek with Tammy taking the left hand pocket. Johnson caught a glimpse of Tammy standing behind the pond and called point. This was a lengthy stand but Tammy handled it with style and class, two birds were produced. Sent on, by 36 both dogs required scouting but were present at the upper woods crossing and were ahead. Using the course well, both dogs worked through the end of course one, and crossed the horse bridge and onto the burned area of course two. At 85 Tammy made a strong cast across the burned area to the pines on the northeast corner. She then made a cast to the very back of the loop and to the fence line. A strong finish after on and a half hours!
(May 12, 1990, American Field)