Jim House


Nominated by Rick Axtell


Jim House has been a fixture in American Brittany Club and American Field activities for more than 50 years. The epitome of versatility, he has bred multiple lines of superior Brittanys, trained all his own dogs, won a national title, obtained multiple FC and AFC titles on many of his dogs, put 100+ placements on five of his dogs, excelled with both all age and gun dogs, and competed and judged at both AKC and American Field events.


Jim House began field trialing in 1968 when he lived in Salt Lake City while supervising the maintenance and repair of commercial aircraft for Delta Airlines. While there, he organized and started the Wasatch Front Brittany club in 1972. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, Jim served as a director, officer, and field trial chairman while a member of the Oregon and Washington Brittany Clubs, and the Northwest Pointing Dog Association.


One of Jims biggest contributions to the field trialing has been his willingness to educate newcomers about the sport and supporting amateurs in all aspects of field trialing. He has a long history of allowing others to use his horses, helping anyone that needs a scout, planting birds, and supporting others with training issues. He has volunteered to teach at fun trials and seminars and gives freely of his time by hauling water, picking up birds, and setting up equipment.


Jim is also a well-respected field trial judge and being his judging partner is always a learning experience. He gives his opinions freely and bases those opinions from watching thousands of dogs.  But at the same time, he listens to and respects his judging partners.


Jim has judged hundreds of field trials in 15 different states including many prestigious AKC and American Field championships.  Some of those include:  AKC All Breed Gun Dog Nationals at the Ames Plantation, AKC Pointer Nationals in Maryland, ABC National Amateur Gun Dog Championship in Michigan, the Brittany International Championship two times, and several American Field Championships.Jim has finished 26 Field Champion or Amateur Field Champions.  He has owned, trained and handled five Brittanys with over 100 placements each.  His dogs have been named Dog of the Year” by Northwest Field Trial Association eight times.  


Field Trial Accomplishments

Jim and his dog, FC AFC Jalos Intern, won the 2002 National All Breed AKC Gun Dog

            Nationals (73 entries).

Jim bred FC AFC Jalos Running Josephine.   A true all age bitch that produced 11 Field

            Champions from three different stud dogs.

Jim has bred (B), owned (O), trained (T), and handled (H) his dogs to titles including:

            FC AFC Meadowbrook Kohoutek  - 100+ placements. O/T/H

            FC AFC Meadowbrook Louie - 100 Placements O/T/H

            FC AFC Jalos Scamper - 100 placements B/O/T/H (NGDC FC AFC Jalos Intern x

                        FC AFC Jalos Running Josephine)

            FC AFC NGDC Jalos Intern - 100 Placements B/O/T/H/P Produced 6 FCs/AFCs

            FC AFC Jalos Running Josephine - 35 Placements, American Field Ru Ch. B/O/T/H

                        Produced 11 Titled offspring from 3 sires.

            FC AFC Jalos Odot - 100+ placements B/O/T/H 

            FC AFC Jalos Speck Tacular - 77 Placements RU Am Fld Ch. B/O/T/H

            FC AFC Browns BBJ - 73 Placements B/O/T/H

            FC AFC Jalos Big Wheels - 73 Placements B/O/T/H

            FC AFC Jalos PhD  -22 Placements B/O/T/H

            FC Jalos Chief - 35 Placements B/O/T/H

Dogs from Jim House Breeding

FC AFC Cedar Creek Surgeon B (AA 76 Placements – including a National Amateur All Age

            placement and multiple Hour Wins)    Owner/Trainer/Handler Joe Waitman

            (NGDC FC/AFC Jalos Intern x FC AFC Jalos Running Josephine)

FC AFC Red Sky Riley – B - 61 Placements, Hour Wins    Owner/Trainer/Handler David Kirk

            (NGDC FC/AFC Jalos Intern x FC AFC Jalos Running Josephine)

FC Hideaways Outback Jack – B - 45 Placements – Hour win   Owner/Trainer/Handler Roger

            Borine   (NGDC FC/AFC Jalos Intern x FC AFC Jalos Running Josephine)

FC Miss Lilly II - B – 20 Placements    Owners Mark and Connie Shearman

            (NC FC Beans Blaze x FC-AFC Jalos Running Josephine)

FC AFC Cedar Creek Zeb –Sired by NGDC FC AFC Jalos Intern – 101 Placements

            Owner Joe Waitman.



Jims commitment to the sport and breed are unparalleled.  His competitive spirit and training regimen have no equals.   Please elect Jim to the Hall of Fame.   Few among us have competed at the highest levels, trained and handled their own dogs, and excelled as a breeder, mentor, judge and club official.