Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame Nomination of

4x American Field Champion & 3x American Field Runner-Up

(February 27, 1997 - June 26, 2013)
Sex: M
DOB: 1997-02-27
AKC: SN42252804, FDSB: 1489292
Sire: DC/AFC Masked Shoshoni Warchief
Dam: FC/AFC Candy's Lucky Penny
Color: Orange & White
Owner: Joseph J. Jung
Breeder: Doug Seickmeyer

Nominated by Pam Baird

Al, as he was called, was one of the great dogs competing in an era of many great ones. His most outstanding virtue, as an all-age trial dog was his bid-ability; his willingness to run, find and point birds, and win under whoever had the whistle and gun that day. He did not spend very many days on a pro's truck, as Joe preferred to condition him and bring him to the trials. He lived in the house at Joe's and was his faithful companion for over 16 years.

Field Trial statistics:  14 All Age hour wins, 1 Gun Dog hour win, 45 total field trial placements

Championship and Hour Stake placements: 14 All Age hour wins, 1 Gun Dog hour win
ABC National Championship 2004 – RU (46)
ABC Chicken Classic 2004 – CH (57), 2005 - CH (58)
ABC Gun Dog Classic 2001 – 3rd (22)
Dixieland Championship 2005 – 3rd (32)
Field Trial Clubs of Illinois OAA Classic 2002 – RU (?)
Gr. St. Louis OAA hour 2005 – 1st (25)
Illinois OAA Championship 2007 – 3rd (21)
Jim Holman Classic 2004 – 1st (23), 2005 - 4th (27)
Nebraska Championship 2005 – 3rd (33)
Prairie State AAA Championship 2002 – CH (?)
Prairie State OAA Championship 2005 - CH (30)
Region 4 Michigan AAA Championship 2005 – RU (22)
Southern Illinois OLAA hour 2005 – 2nd (23)

  • Purina Dog of the Year statistics: Ranked #10 (2004), #1 (2005), #73 (2007)
  • 2005 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award winner
  • LaSalle Brittany Club Field Dog of the Year: 2004, 2005

  • Titled dogs: 1 NFC, 1NGDC, 2 DC/AFC, 2 FC/AFC, 1 FC, 2 CH, 1 MH, 1 CDX, RN, NA, NAJ
  • Produced the 3x Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award winner Ru-Jem's A Touch Of Bourbon.

    DAM: FC Mo-Kan Bimbo
    17xCh/19xRU/NFC/DC/AFC RU-JEM'S A TOUCH OF BOURBON “Chug” 4/17/2003 -
        Amateur Owner/Handled to: 58 hour placements - Top 1-Hour winning dog in the history of our breed
        2010 ABC National Open All Age Champion
        2010 ABC National Amateur All Age Runner-Up Champion
        2009, 2010, 2011 Purina All Age Award Winner
        2008 LaSalle Brittany Club Dual Dog Of The Year
        2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 LaSalle Brittany Club All Age Dog Of The Year
        2005 Prairie States Derby Classic Winner (45 min) (23 starters)
        Over 80 Amateur/Owner handled field trial placements
    NGDC/FC/AFC Celebration's Two Of Hearts - “Duece” 4/17/2003 -
        2010 ABC National Open Gun Dog Champion
        2011 Winner Tri-Tronics Shooting Dog Award
        2007 Michigan Open All Age Championship 3 Place (28 starters)
        2009 Region 4 Amateur All Age Champion (26 starters)
        2005 Eastern Futurity All Age Winner (21 starters)
        2005 Mid South Derby Classic Winner (45 min) (21 starters)
        2005 Illinois Derby Classic Winner (45 min) (17 starters)
        Over 40 Amateur/Owner handled field trial placements
    Red Ragtop - “Redi” 4/17/2003 – 4/2012 (Career ending injury at age 3)
        2004 Prairie States Derby Classic Winner (45 min) (15 starters)
        2004 Michigan Derby Classic Winner (45 min) (15 starters)
        2004 Illinois Derby Classic 2nd Place (45 min) (11 starters)
        2004 Mid South Derby Classic 3rd Place (45 min) (12 starters)
        2005 Mid South Derby Classic 3rd Place (45 min) (21 starters)
        2004 Field Trial Clubs Illinois Juvenile Dog Of The Year
    Charlotte's Rocketman - “Chuckee” 4/17/2003 – 12/31/2006
        2004 Mid South Derby Classic (45 min) 1st Place (12 starters)

    DAM: Tall Pines Little Libby
    DC/AFC Bourbon's Straight Up 4/22/2005 -
        Over 40 Amateur handled Field trial placements

    Grand Progeny
    GFC Touch Of Bourbon Little Chug

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    “Al” was so much more than people realized. His owner was a little quirky and in ill health so he was not always in the best of moods. But that should NOT be held against the dog. He was amazing when you think how much he accomplished with a dozen handlers. Not many dogs can switch handlers every weekend and still be DC/AFC with a national RU to boot. I tried to buy him, but they wouldn’t sell him. I knew what he could accomplish if he had an experienced owner that would make sure he was bred to great bitches and be handled by one amateur and one pro. How many dogs do you know that could be have won as much as Al with all those different handlers? Pam knows what a good dog is as she has owned many! His progeny: how many dogs do you know that produced a National Champion and a National Gun Dog Champion from the same litter winning in the same year? Al did and to be sure I am one proud granny to claim Al as Kid’s grandson! Look at his record and how he achieved it, because if you put it in perspective, he was a great dog!
    Diana Kubitz
    Renegade Brittanys